Loans at low rateCollateral loan is type of financial loan. Thus, between teaching and teaching itself arises inter relations in which the learning material is reported from the perspective of the teacher- to the user, it becomes clear to the student and good for them to digest. Under the solvency of the entity understood the availability of the prerequisites for the loan and the ability of the who- exposure it in time. Contents functions of the substitution of cash non-cash money in circulation manifests itself in the process of making payments and payments not in cash (banknotes, Monet Tami), and various means of payment (Bank transfer- mi, checks, etc.). On scope and borrowers financial loan has two types: interbank loan in which the borrower is a Bank, and the BAP dit for commercial purposes, in which the borrower is pre- acceptance, partnership, joint stock company, etc. While the current Russian legislation does not give direct determination of banking operations and transactions, although using this terminology. General features of banking operations and services are: continuing character of trust property, the exercise by the Stan- standard rules in accordance with the law or banking mi rules and customs.

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Under the solvency of the entity understood the availability of the prerequisites for the loan and the ability of the who- exposure it in time. The main forms of non-cash payments accepted in Russian practice this: payment order; letters of credit; checks; collection; • plastic cards. In the Law on the Austrian National Bank (1984) written- tanuma that the authorities can borrow from the Central Bank only under absolute assurance in gold and foreign currencies. The result is the free movement of financial resources in the economy, the corre- current market type of relationship. In this case, after the mortgage-credit relations of the seller immediately receives the money from the Bank, the buyer when- acquires all rights of the owner of the object of purchase that cast Menno mortgaged in the Bank.

The credit agreement contains a kind loan amount and term of the loan, calculation of interest rates and commissions who- awards the Bank for its costs associated with the loan, view collateral, in the form of transfer of the loan to the borrower. The decay of the feudal system, the development of cities, trade and reme- villages resulted in an increase of commodity-money transactions and generated Valo the need for intermediaries who can minimize the risks operations with money. St. Moreover, "the Banks, especially the issuing Bank, should be free from political pressure, they need to be managed on the principles of mind- governmental Finance." Initially the banks of the upper level is called emission and formed as a joint stock company with special floor- the authority. The Bank may manage the financial financial Affairs and property of companies and individuals for a cost.

6. 3. While the share status of Central banks in a number countries have survived. Of fundamental importance is a clear distinction of the state public Finance and banking system, i.e. 5. The provision of collateral loan is made in accordance with the regulations on the procedure for provision by the Central Bank of the United States secured loans from banks March 13, 1996, No.

The incentives to accumulate and conserve cash forming are based on a flexible Deposit policy of commercial banks. These banks are different from various investment- governmental funds all of the risks associated with changes in the value of their of assets and liabilities and for distribution to its shareholders. Practice shows that it is difficult semi- chit interbank loan, if the Bank-borrower's authorized capital less than 100 million rubles, or a debit balance. Trust (trust) services. There is several ways to specify the maturity of the loan, namely: • refund of the entire amount of principal and interest on FIC- fixed rate within a clearly defined time periods; • return of principal in a well-defined intermediate- Ki time, each of which set its own interest tion rate, i.e. 7.

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